Immaculata大学, 天主教学术团体, 由修女会创立和赞助, 圣母无玷圣心的仆人, 致力于 奖学金,形成完整的人 领导力与服务,并赋予所有人寻求的权力 truth,促进 justice 并进行对话 faith and culture.


The staff, faculty and administration of Immaculata大学 are intellectual, personal, professional and spiritual educators and growth agents. 当KB体育App下载考虑到印第安纳大学“致力于学术, 形成整个人的领导和服务, 并赋予所有人追求真理的权力,促进 justice 并进行对话 faith and culture,KB体育App下载选择 全面的方法论根植于KB体育App下载的核心价值观. Immaculata helps students meet the financial demands of a contemporary university 教育和 supports students with access to 奖学金s and online learning that can advance their academic goals and geographic limitations.

Immaculata结合了 天主教知识传统 into our educational approach through which the search for truth draws its meaning from faith and reason, which is rooted in our belief in God’s providential care for all of creation.

这所大学体现了 超过100年的领导和服务 她们是圣母无玷圣心的仆人. 这一遗产保存了学术的宝藏, while integrating diverse academic disciplines toward preparing tomorrow’s leaders for fulfilling careers in service to humanity.


Immaculata的使命由五大核心价值观支持:信仰, 社区, 知识, 美德与服务.

  • Faith: Immaculata大学 expresses its Catholic identity by proclaiming the Gospel message and inviting all members of the 社区 to seek truth and meaning.
  • 社区: 尊重多样性, the University seeks to be inclusive while striving to nurture the spiritual, moral, 所有成员的智力和社会/身体健康.
  • 知识: Immaculata大学 points to a 知识 that flourishes in virtue flowing from reflection and a genuine search for truth.
  • Virtue: The University emphasizes the kind of moral strength that comes from the wisdom earned by reflective study and vigorous application and deepens commitment to ethical integrity.
  • 服务: The University values service because justice demands action in favor of all members of the human family, 尤其是最脆弱的群体.


The Immaculata story begins with Mother Camilla Maloney’s vision of erecting a college on a hill overlooking the Great Valley to prepare women, 接受过艺术和科学教育的, 为新世纪的领导和服务的角色. That dream was partly fulfilled in 1914 when Villa Maria Academy opened on the site. Just six years later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted a college charter. Today, 经过100多年的发展, Immaculata welcomes women and men to undergraduate and graduate opportunities that integrate Catholic thought with liberal and professional education.



这所大学的校训是用拉丁文写的: 科学小花美德 (知识在美德中生长), expresses the ideal of a true liberal arts education in the Christian tradition. The dual meaning of the Latin word, virtute, is virtue or power. It is symbolic of the kind of strength that comes from the wisdom earned by reflective study and vigorous application. Whether one takes the word virtue in its ethical sense or in its dimension of force and energy, the intellectual and moral values that students choose to make their own enable them to go “from strength to strength."受过良好教育, Immaculata graduates have acquired that flexibility and sense of personal worth that will make them prudent risk-takers in a world that belongs to those who dare and those who care.


The seal of the University is modeled on the seal of the founding Congregation, 这对姐妹, 圣母无玷圣心的仆人. 磁盘是蓝白相间的, 大学的颜色, with a representation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary pierced with a sword superimposed on a field of light blue–a detail taken from the seal of the congregation 她们是圣母无玷圣心的仆人. 在蓝色的田野上, 上面是心脏的图像, 十二颗星是不是象征圣母玛利亚的美德, 该大学的女赞助人. 在蓝色的田野上 beneath the image of the heart is the motto of the University, 科学美德之花(知识在美德中开花). Beneath the motto is a spray of five lilies representing the major areas of study: theology/philosophy, 人文学科, 数学, natural and social sciences under which is placed the year of the University charter, 1920.

硬盘外缘为白色, 镌刻着文字, Universitas Immaculatae Immaculatae Pennsylvania (Immaculata大学, Immaculata, 宾夕法尼亚州)



Immaculata大学是一所天主教大学, 全面的, 男女同校的高等教育机构, founded by the Congregation 她们是圣母无玷圣心的仆人.

  • In 1920,该机构是 granted a college charter, making it the first Catholic college for women in the Philadelphia area. The two original dormitory-classroom structures are now part of a complex of 16 principal buildings.
  • In 1969, Immaculata introduced an evening program of continuing education for both men and women 为了满足当地社区的需求. A continuing education office opened in 1974 to provide special services for this population.
  • 认为是 现代大学女子篮球的发源地在美国,Immaculata是获胜的强大的电脑队的主场 the 前三届全国女子大学篮球锦标赛 1972年,1973年和1974年. The championship teams were inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2014. 这个团队是 剧情片主题苹果电脑,” 2011年在全国开业.
  • In 1983, three 研究生课程开始了,解决了研究生教育的需求 psychology, nutrition education, and educational leadership and administration.
  • In 1991Immaculata的研究生部 added a master’s degree in music therapy and doctoral programs in clinical psychology and educational leadership and administration.
  • In 2002无迹生学院 收到大学录取通知书 并成为著名的无疵拉塔大学.
  • In 2003,经过深入研究, Immaculata大学 decided to welcome men into its traditional undergraduate college, 2005年秋季开始.
  • In 2023,大学的结构现在包括 本科学院 伴随着 研究生研究学院“, and the 护理与卫生专业学院“,.

在所有的变化中, 成长与挑战, the University has maintained its commitment to an education grounded in the charism of the IHM Sisters and the Catholic intellectual tradition. Today, Immaculata大学 offers more than 75 graduate and undergraduate programs, 其杰出的教师为超过2,500名学生.



Black and white photo of college women playing basketball in the 1970s.

苹果电脑 dominated women’s college basketball in the early 1970s.



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